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It was one of those hang-overs where you think you’re head’s feeling like a pig shat in it and the humidity was so thick and hot you feel like a dog whose trying to bite his ass off because he’d eaten to many hot peppers. One of those mornings where it feels like you should …

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Reducing A Phone To It’s Atoms

I once had a cell phone, way back before they were an inevitability. I was in and area filled with hundreds of users and no one could get a signal, not so strange in it’s infancy but it pissed me off that this fucking vampire device had sucked enough blood from my wallet and it …

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This is a profile bust of my impression of the “Alex” character from “a Clockwork Orange”,a movie and book I like. The character is fascinating and despite the anti-hero aspect, Alex and the movie have become cult classics.

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Personal Organizational Skills

Yes I’ve been there. Pressing the self destruct button, adding depressants to depression, days and weeks of a wicked bender, looking for truth, sanctuary, a sign from a god that I don’t believe in, hiding my mind from others, starvation, self loathing, suicidal decorations, bad choices, black outs, dry heaving. This is all to defeat …