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You can’t find a payphone anywhere in this fucking city. That’s the distinct recognition that comes with the movement of technology, things just fucking vanish and reappear as the next best thing but it isn’t because the next best thing is just around the corner. Some of us can’t even release our dragons anymore, they …

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AGAINST THE WALL I SAW THE HALL I WALKED ON I WOULDN’T MAKE IT PAST DAWN I SMELL THE BEAST RIPPING AND TARING AT HIS FEAST THAT WAS STOLEN FROM AN-OTHERS FOREST I’ve never in all my conclusions drawn from world figured out how to truly become free from being lost. My directions have ether …

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Trees Collective

I spent a lot of time on the west coast and they’ve got a lot of trees, everywhere. This composition represents the collection of studies done with separate trees and landscapes mixed and matched to come up with the most pleasing composition.

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El Tule

El Tule is the largest tree in the world (in circumference) , they say you can camp out in it (not actually), but it’s big enough. Surrounding the tree is a knee high fence squaring off a small area, not that you can’t touch it, in fact you’re encouraged to pour water on it as …

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A Forest

Lost in the wilderness, trees everywhere, rays of sunlight streaming through the leaves, strange howling and dark impressions moving out of the corner of my eye’s, looking for the precipice, looking for a doorway out. Trapped in a beautiful jungle on a bag of questionable mushrooms not knowing which way is up, everything looks the …

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Thanks Max 2

A mountainous temple in the jungle, a tribute to Max Earnst. I’ve seen things like this on some of my journeys, massive marks on the earth made a very long time ago, surrounded in jungle.

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Unbalanced and Dirty

Who in their right mind (as if anyone ever has been)would pick up a bloody machete from the killing floor ? How about more fruit in the diet along with booze of coarse, lots of booze. I wonder,is the moon getting closer ? They (who ever “They” are) say the moon is in a downward …