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This is a garbage can, this is where images come to die, a collection stolen, over used idea’s and inspirations. No blood has been spilled, no lust has been consummated, no dog’s have been hung, the children are happy and free of disease as they see something for the first time. No disruption’s, no breakfast, …

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Years ago I decided to apply for a 2 yr commercial animation coarse. In retrospect I really should have locked myself away somewhere, a place with doctors and pills and someone who could discern what the fuck was wrong with my fucking head.

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Phone on Black

There’s something of light in all type’s of darkness if you don’t exclusively use your sight. I wonder what might come to be if we as humans begin to experience the use of more of our functions. I hope that we can begin to get smart enough to figure out how stupid and self involved …

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Arrow Heart

When your heart aches it hurts in your chest, why then is the actual episode contained to the brain ? Are we that connected in and among our electrodes and nerves ? The heart, or it’s image, has mostly been viewed as a symbol of love, except when it is taken, still beating, out of …

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Reflective Proposal (Thanks Max)

Reflections and possessions, both fade away in the darkness, in the abysmal abyss. We have nothing because we never have enough of anything. Weeping, I’m in with the outsiders, still Weeping, if the image in the mirror changes do we ? Do we fade into chunks of degrading bone and then to dust ? By …

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Unbalanced and Dirty

Who in their right mind (as if anyone ever has been)would pick up a bloody machete from the killing floor ? How about more fruit in the diet along with booze of coarse, lots of booze. I wonder,is the moon getting closer ? They (who ever “They” are) say the moon is in a downward …


Already Dust

Sometimes, sometimes never, always in dirt. How would it tickle you with a penis schlepped over your forehead ? And how the hell did it get there anyways, aliens, nazis,, bats, the T.V. ? This piece has turned to dust long ago and I’ve no idea what the fuck it’s about. Always in dirt.