Agoraphobia is the fear of open space’s and public places, I fear open space’s with the public in them. Bucowski once said something like “it’s not that I hate people I just feel better when they’re not around”


Sometimes you just forget what it is that you’re fucking working on, maybe you’re stoned, distracted, sick off your O.C.D., hungover, bleeding, temporally blind, too many pill’s who knows why ? And who really gives a rats ass ? Work comes from strange places and it has strange smells. It comes when you’re unconscious or …


I fucking love Mexico. I’ve swam, drove, vomited, drank, smoked, fucked, loved, fell, smuggled into, faced arrest, played with homosexuality, had horrifying shit’s that would kill most people, stomped on ruins, took part in Mayan ceremonies, got lost on road’s and in jungle’s on mushroom’s narrowly getting shat on by howler monkey’s, buried my dead …


I’m not sure if I pictured this in my mind or my mind salvaged it from that leaky barren warehouse some would call my brain. In all honesty I really like it and I can’t remember drawing it. I know it’s mine, my name is on it and it conveys that certain type of horror …


This is a profile bust of my impression of the “Alex” character from “a Clockwork Orange”,a movie and book I like. The character is fascinating and despite the anti-hero aspect, Alex and the movie have become cult classics.

Painting Blind

This piece is done in oils on canvas, beyond that, I’ve no idea what it is. I was studying shapes and colors and came up with this composition mostly by accident.  

Skull Boom

What can I say ? I like skulls. First because they are what our physical selves are made of (along with other bones)and that they house or brains, which is the most complex and unfortunately occasionally simple organ we’ve got. Secondly because of their vast connotations and macabre distinctions, everyone has a certain feeling or …

Throw away Don’t Eat

All doors and doorways are different. Some you know that lead to sanctuary, some are to heavy and horrifying to open, some are more like holes or burrows, an age old crack splitting a giant gutted tree with centuries of foliage blanketed around the entrance. I’ve seen shadows crawl across the metal doors that led …

Tribute, the Gates of Hell

Rodin did a lot of beautiful work in his life, above all of it I’m most fond of the Gates of Hell, it’s unbelievable. The piece I did is more of a cartoon a decoration displayed at my admittance to a rubber room, an opening into a gruesome after-world. $150.00

A Door in the Cold

Johnny Cash was the inspiration for this piece or rather one of his songs. I can’t remember what song but most of his songs are great any way. Sorrow, death, guilt a bucket full of emotions. The humor in this is lost on the gracefully crude image. what is there and what isn’t binds the …