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Years ago I decided to apply for a 2 yr commercial animation coarse. In retrospect I really should have locked myself away somewhere, a place with doctors and pills and someone who could discern what the fuck was wrong with my fucking head.

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Mirrored Girl

The haunting eye’s of a woman staring into you, you’ve done something but you haven’t figured out what, doe’s she hold a spell over you ? Energy, synchronicity, passion, confusion in your muscles, drooling, fantasy cramps. What is true love ? I’ve been lucky to have felt it in my life, however it is very …


Sketch 01

I remember years ago, bringing my sketch books out to Goth clubs and sketching in the black lights. Watching the dancers and the interactions between people gave me a rush. Don’t rush to judge, I got out on the floor quite allot in those times however the overall energy of the place could be absorbed …


A selection of nude and other Sketch’s

This is a page from my “disposable portfolio”. What it is is a kind of resume for animators, but instead of words it contains drawings. I did go to school for Classical Animation and I learned allot but I hated it, I knew from day 1 that this was not my path,ironically out of the …