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I’ve seen a Shaw-woman make it rain when there were no clouds. I’ve seen my Fathers ghosts, I see things out of the corner of my eye that thankfully disappear when I turn my head, I’ve road upon the waves and concrete that make synchronicity positive and yours satin and silk. I’m giving these words …

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Sometimes I’d try to picture the roads we didn’t go down. I know you denied me Graceland but you got us lost in so many beautiful and desolate places. I didn’t know how much you hurt, my pain was paramount and seething. I took a picture of you in the foreground of two mountain’s that …

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Agoraphobia is the fear of open space’s and public places, I fear open space’s with the public in them. Bucowski once said something like “it’s not that I hate people I just feel better when they’re not around”

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Personal Organizational Skills

Yes I’ve been there. Pressing the self destruct button, adding depressants to depression, days and weeks of a wicked bender, looking for truth, sanctuary, a sign from a god that I don’t believe in, hiding my mind from others, starvation, self loathing, suicidal decorations, bad choices, black outs, dry heaving. This is all to defeat …

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Fuck this Devious Device

What we have here is a laser happy, stressed out extra-terrestrial with a vengeance. A certain device that he picked up on some haphazardly evolutionized planet has been ringing none stop since he collected it. His sanity began to ware and with no patience left he designed this execution. Without the knowledge of whether or …

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Self Desruct

Communication is a necessity to existence, to our blood flow, fairy dust production, a joining of minds, touch, strikes, vertigo. We sicken without it, shrivel up, take up the fetal position with closed eye’s and melancholy demands. If the lines don’t reach out we’ve nothing to feed on, no nutrient’s, no sweet caress, only warm …