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Unfortunately the story of Lilith was written out of the contemporary bible giving way to the demise of any acceptance of matriarchy, they sure took liberties when they had run out of people to burn. The DAY OF THE DEAD brings the dead to come out and walk with the living. You’d better take stock, …

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I fucking love Mexico. I’ve swam, drove, vomited, drank, smoked, fucked, loved, fell, smuggled into, faced arrest, played with homosexuality, had horrifying shit’s that would kill most people, stomped on ruins, took part in Mayan ceremonies, got lost on road’s and in jungle’s on mushroom’s narrowly getting shat on by howler monkey’s, buried my dead …

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I’ve been reading a lot about the Inquisition, Those fuckers could tear the hell out of people, minds and bodies. As a matter of fact the whole human race has been perfecting torture to a science ever since we could pick up a stick. Being nailed to a door doesn’t seem to bad in comparison, …

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In Here and Out There

Circles ? They are my saviors, Art is a very hard thing to do and for this I will only be speaking of Painting,with oils,on canvas. This tunnel vision is only to simplify with no applications otherwise. When I’m frustrated, pulling out my hair, teeth, old brittle cartilage, lighting fires, trying to electrocute my self, …

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A Word with God

I rarely pray, mostly because I don’t believe in any deity or religion. However, I do find myself screaming into the blue at something ineffable, looking for answers, demanding this something to fuck off, to relent, to show it’s face, to stand in front of me so I can kick it in the balls several …

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Woman Praying

An iron cross branding for a so called sinner, oppression, torture, brainwashed and broken. A world of mans fears and perversions, fighting devils that don’t exist, appropriating the spoils of a genocide that never should have happened. $ 200.00

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Crucifying Monkey’s on Doors doesn’t Restore Government’s

Torture, brainwashing, manipulation through fear, oppressing the poor and uneducated, a medieval system still alive today and going strong. Crucify me so that everyone can get an education in decomposition. I’ll say anything when the branding iron is shoved into my balls, pull out my beating heart, disembowelment is generally considered a hell of a …

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S.S.R.I. Factory

Thank fuck, the first time I started taking prozaic I was so fucking amazed and I felt great, it’s  just so different, like the rest of your brain shutting on, It doesn’t last, there’s always adjustments, you can’t even see it coming (gradual incline) , one day when it’s not noticed by you or others …