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I’ve seen a Shaw-woman make it rain when there were no clouds. I’ve seen my Fathers ghosts, I see things out of the corner of my eye that thankfully disappear when I turn my head, I’ve road upon the waves and concrete that make synchronicity positive and yours satin and silk. I’m giving these words …

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I had just crashed my 42nd flying saucer and knew I was out of a job. I really didn’t care all that much so I left the crash site and began walking south. After stumbling for a few hours I came across an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This oasis consisted of a small …

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Sometimes I’d try to picture the roads we didn’t go down. I know you denied me Graceland but you got us lost in so many beautiful and desolate places. I didn’t know how much you hurt, my pain was paramount and seething. I took a picture of you in the foreground of two mountain’s that …

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I opened my heart and you thru your shit into it, how am I supposed to fuck under these conditions ? You with your scrap’s of paper that never really pay back scattered over the bed. Your lie’s and mine, yes you never knew about mine. The lie’s have to remain unsaid, buried in a …

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I fucking love Mexico. I’ve swam, drove, vomited, drank, smoked, fucked, loved, fell, smuggled into, faced arrest, played with homosexuality, had horrifying shit’s that would kill most people, stomped on ruins, took part in Mayan ceremonies, got lost on road’s and in jungle’s on mushroom’s narrowly getting shat on by howler monkey’s, buried my dead …

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Crouching Woman

Maybe it’s my feminine side, an explanation to some of my issues, my voice veiled in my work, loud engines, engines of modern machinery, strange gears with stranger appetites, something’s after me, there are bizarre things in here, horrible things. I can’t describe them, I’ve never actually seen them, they’re quite fast. Maybe it’s just …

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After the Feast

I’ve never been seduced into the world of the vampire save for my presence at a lot of Goth clubs a long time ago, love the music, hate wearing black. This piece was inspired by another piece quite the same although that one features an Angel in the Vampires’ place. My other muse steams from …

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Thanks Max 2

I love the works of Max Earnst, sometimes I do my version of some of his images. He’s very skilled and I’ve learned a lot especially from his magical compositions. Your eye’s just seem to roll around his pieces, he brings you in and opens up new worlds.

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Tribute, the Gates of Hell

Rodin did a lot of beautiful work in his life, above all of it I’m most fond of the Gates of Hell, it’s unbelievable. The piece I did is more of a cartoon a decoration displayed at my admittance to a rubber room, an opening into a gruesome after-world. $150.00