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Unfortunately the story of Lilith was written out of the contemporary bible giving way to the demise of any acceptance of matriarchy, they sure took liberties when they had run out of people to burn. The DAY OF THE DEAD brings the dead to come out and walk with the living. You’d better take stock, …

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The skull transcends itself now and into our dark past’s. From the earliest humans to the inquisition (impaled on spear’s) to Shakespeare’s hamlet. They’re on clothing, skate-boards, logo’s, tattoo’s, the day of the dead motif. Some skulls are painted on people in celebration, Some are more macabre, used in rituals and rite’s. The skull is …

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I had just crashed my 42nd flying saucer and knew I was out of a job. I really didn’t care all that much so I left the crash site and began walking south. After stumbling for a few hours I came across an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This oasis consisted of a small …

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Sometimes I’d try to picture the roads we didn’t go down. I know you denied me Graceland but you got us lost in so many beautiful and desolate places. I didn’t know how much you hurt, my pain was paramount and seething. I took a picture of you in the foreground of two mountain’s that …

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I opened my heart and you thru your shit into it, how am I supposed to fuck under these conditions ? You with your scrap’s of paper that never really pay back scattered over the bed. Your lie’s and mine, yes you never knew about mine. The lie’s have to remain unsaid, buried in a …

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“TOOTHPASTE AS A WEAPON” As you may or may not know, toothpaste can be applied on the skin on top of an area subjected to ether an in-grown hair or “underground zit”. The toothpaste then raising the pus to the surface in very sort time allows the poor fuck to go ahead and lance the …

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Sometimes you just forget what it is that you’re fucking working on, maybe you’re stoned, distracted, sick off your O.C.D., hungover, bleeding, temporally blind, too many pill’s who knows why ? And who really gives a rats ass ? Work comes from strange places and it has strange smells. It comes when you’re unconscious or …

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Crouching Woman

Maybe it’s my feminine side, an explanation to some of my issues, my voice veiled in my work, loud engines, engines of modern machinery, strange gears with stranger appetites, something’s after me, there are bizarre things in here, horrible things. I can’t describe them, I’ve never actually seen them, they’re quite fast. Maybe it’s just …

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Thanks Max 2

I love the works of Max Earnst, sometimes I do my version of some of his images. He’s very skilled and I’ve learned a lot especially from his magical compositions. Your eye’s just seem to roll around his pieces, he brings you in and opens up new worlds.

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Skull Boom

What can I say ? I like skulls. First because they are what our physical selves are made of (along with other bones)and that they house or brains, which is the most complex and unfortunately occasionally simple organ we’ve got. Secondly because of their vast connotations and macabre distinctions, everyone has a certain feeling or …