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Throw away Don’t Eat

All doors and doorways are different. Some you know that lead to sanctuary, some are to heavy and horrifying to open, some are more like holes or burrows, an age old crack splitting a giant gutted tree with centuries of foliage blanketed around the entrance. I’ve seen shadows crawl across the metal doors that led …

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Personal Organizational Skills

Yes I’ve been there. Pressing the self destruct button, adding depressants to depression, days and weeks of a wicked bender, looking for truth, sanctuary, a sign from a god that I don’t believe in, hiding my mind from others, starvation, self loathing, suicidal decorations, bad choices, black outs, dry heaving. This is all to defeat …

Phone Cluster-Fuck

Phone Cluster-Fuck

My first painting using phones as my subject matter. I drew and drew phones over at my friend Joel’s place who happens to collect them. When I was comfortable with the sketches and knowledge of the phones I began to abstract the shapes in drawings before I hit the canvas. This piece is 30x30inches, oil …

My Blue City

My Blue City

Max Ernst has all way’s been an artistic inspiration for me, he’s all over the board,from naturalistic to abstraction. I’ve learned allot from his work to the extent where I can see his influence in mine, not necessarily his style or subject matter but more so his composition, along with another artist I love, Jackson …


Skeleton Study

This is an exercise in abstracting the skeleton while merging background and for ground. It’s about 8inchx6inch in pencil on watercolor and priced at $100.00.