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AGAINST THE WALL I SAW THE HALL I WALKED ON I WOULDN’T MAKE IT PAST DAWN I SMELL THE BEAST RIPPING AND TARING AT HIS FEAST THAT WAS STOLEN FROM AN-OTHERS FOREST I’ve never in all my conclusions drawn from world figured out how to truly become free from being lost. My directions have ether …

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Crouching Woman

Maybe it’s my feminine side, an explanation to some of my issues, my voice veiled in my work, loud engines, engines of modern machinery, strange gears with stranger appetites, something’s after me, there are bizarre things in here, horrible things. I can’t describe them, I’ve never actually seen them, they’re quite fast. Maybe it’s just …

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Skull Boom

What can I say ? I like skulls. First because they are what our physical selves are made of (along with other bones)and that they house or brains, which is the most complex and unfortunately occasionally simple organ we’ve got. Secondly because of their vast connotations and macabre distinctions, everyone has a certain feeling or …

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El Tule

El Tule is the largest tree in the world (in circumference) , they say you can camp out in it (not actually), but it’s big enough. Surrounding the tree is a knee high fence squaring off a small area, not that you can’t touch it, in fact you’re encouraged to pour water on it as …

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Environmental Project

Life finds it’s way through anything, concrete, bubblegum, carcasses, hate, wood, time and most giant rocks. We as parasites create a bizarre stench and discarded obstacle’s wasting away like dinosaur blood but this orb we’re on continues to create, even on bad day’s.

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A Forest

Lost in the wilderness, trees everywhere, rays of sunlight streaming through the leaves, strange howling and dark impressions moving out of the corner of my eye’s, looking for the precipice, looking for a doorway out. Trapped in a beautiful jungle on a bag of questionable mushrooms not knowing which way is up, everything looks the …

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Self Desruct

Communication is a necessity to existence, to our blood flow, fairy dust production, a joining of minds, touch, strikes, vertigo. We sicken without it, shrivel up, take up the fetal position with closed eye’s and melancholy demands. If the lines don’t reach out we’ve nothing to feed on, no nutrient’s, no sweet caress, only warm …

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Phone on Black

There’s something of light in all type’s of darkness if you don’t exclusively use your sight. I wonder what might come to be if we as humans begin to experience the use of more of our functions. I hope that we can begin to get smart enough to figure out how stupid and self involved …

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S.S.R.I. Factory

Thank fuck, the first time I started taking prozaic I was so fucking amazed and I felt great, it’s  just so different, like the rest of your brain shutting on, It doesn’t last, there’s always adjustments, you can’t even see it coming (gradual incline) , one day when it’s not noticed by you or others …