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You can’t find a payphone anywhere in this fucking city. That’s the distinct recognition that comes with the movement of technology, things just fucking vanish and reappear as the next best thing but it isn’t because the next best thing is just around the corner. Some of us can’t even release our dragons anymore, they …

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What does it look like, inside, when you’re losing your shit ? Is it all pipes, buttons and decomposition, like a spinning top scraping the inside walls of your skull. Electricity shooting through a mushy organ stopping and starting, whimsically misdirecting and blasting through microscopic highways. We can only see what we believe as truth, …

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I had just crashed my 42nd flying saucer and knew I was out of a job. I really didn’t care all that much so I left the crash site and began walking south. After stumbling for a few hours I came across an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This oasis consisted of a small …

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i can’t leave my apartment, jesus fuck, I can’t leave this fucking place. Agoraphobia, sounds harmless enough but I assure you that it isn’t. It comes down to being so depressed that you can’t go out to pick up your anti-depressant medication. Anxiety so physical like a roller coaster ride without the fun. Sometimes you …

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I opened my heart and you thru your shit into it, how am I supposed to fuck under these conditions ? You with your scrap’s of paper that never really pay back scattered over the bed. Your lie’s and mine, yes you never knew about mine. The lie’s have to remain unsaid, buried in a …

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I like to collect things real or imaginary. Opposites attract me, for every butterfly there’s a moth, for every skull there’s a flower, for every pipe there’s a……….well, more pipes I suppose. Space-ship’s, telephones, brass pipe’s connected to nothing, word’s, bat’s and of coarse skull’s all coming together on the same page. These mix-matched images …

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I’m not sure if I pictured this in my mind or my mind salvaged it from that leaky barren warehouse some would call my brain. In all honesty I really like it and I can’t remember drawing it. I know it’s mine, my name is on it and it conveys that certain type of horror …

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Tribute, the Gates of Hell

Rodin did a lot of beautiful work in his life, above all of it I’m most fond of the Gates of Hell, it’s unbelievable. The piece I did is more of a cartoon a decoration displayed at my admittance to a rubber room, an opening into a gruesome after-world. $150.00

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Personal Organizational Skills

Yes I’ve been there. Pressing the self destruct button, adding depressants to depression, days and weeks of a wicked bender, looking for truth, sanctuary, a sign from a god that I don’t believe in, hiding my mind from others, starvation, self loathing, suicidal decorations, bad choices, black outs, dry heaving. This is all to defeat …