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I opened my heart and you thru your shit into it, how am I supposed to fuck under these conditions ? You with your scrap’s of paper that never really pay back scattered over the bed. Your lie’s and mine, yes you never knew about mine. The lie’s have to remain unsaid, buried in a …

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I fucking love Mexico. I’ve swam, drove, vomited, drank, smoked, fucked, loved, fell, smuggled into, faced arrest, played with homosexuality, had horrifying shit’s that would kill most people, stomped on ruins, took part in Mayan ceremonies, got lost on road’s and in jungle’s on mushroom’s narrowly getting shat on by howler monkey’s, buried my dead …

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I’ve been reading a lot about the Inquisition, Those fuckers could tear the hell out of people, minds and bodies. As a matter of fact the whole human race has been perfecting torture to a science ever since we could pick up a stick. Being nailed to a door doesn’t seem to bad in comparison, …

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Woman Praying

An iron cross branding for a so called sinner, oppression, torture, brainwashed and broken. A world of mans fears and perversions, fighting devils that don’t exist, appropriating the spoils of a genocide that never should have happened. $ 200.00

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Arrow Heart

When your heart aches it hurts in your chest, why then is the actual episode contained to the brain ? Are we that connected in and among our electrodes and nerves ? The heart, or it’s image, has mostly been viewed as a symbol of love, except when it is taken, still beating, out of …

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Judson and Stavro

We always said that if the shit got to fucked up we’d fly a car off the bluffs screaming Yey Ha!, seat belts weren’t discussed. Well shit really did get fucked but we don’t have a car, we’ve been like brothers for long time. We haven’t seen much of each other lately, I’ve become quite …