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It was one of those hang-overs where you think you’re head’s feeling like a pig shat in it and the humidity was so thick and hot you feel like a dog whose trying to bite his ass off because he’d eaten to many hot peppers. One of those mornings where it feels like you should …

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AGAINST THE WALL I SAW THE HALL I WALKED ON I WOULDN’T MAKE IT PAST DAWN I SMELL THE BEAST RIPPING AND TARING AT HIS FEAST THAT WAS STOLEN FROM AN-OTHERS FOREST I’ve never in all my conclusions drawn from world figured out how to truly become free from being lost. My directions have ether …

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I fucking love Mexico. I’ve swam, drove, vomited, drank, smoked, fucked, loved, fell, smuggled into, faced arrest, played with homosexuality, had horrifying shit’s that would kill most people, stomped on ruins, took part in Mayan ceremonies, got lost on road’s and in jungle’s on mushroom’s narrowly getting shat on by howler monkey’s, buried my dead …

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After the Feast

I’ve never been seduced into the world of the vampire save for my presence at a lot of Goth clubs a long time ago, love the music, hate wearing black. This piece was inspired by another piece quite the same although that one features an Angel in the Vampires’ place. My other muse steams from …

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This is a profile bust of my impression of the “Alex” character from “a Clockwork Orange”,a movie and book I like. The character is fascinating and despite the anti-hero aspect, Alex and the movie have become cult classics.

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Angel in Character

I’ve seen ghosts, heard muffled conversations from the dead, experienced the presence of things not seen but it all means very little. Synchronicity, fear and comfort, translating what can be. There’s another side to the world we exist in, you can get close and feel it running through blood. After the funeral of an eighteen …