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I guess it’s a bit sad but at this point in my life, the only discernible consistency I can find is the presence of monkey’s and telephone’s. I’m a bit sick these day’s (that’s what you call it when your S.S.R.I.’s are fucking and not helping you) and perhaps my imagery keeps me from driving …

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It’s a real bitch trying to fly one of these, given the fact that it doesn’t actually exist doesn’t lesson that fact. Luckily our pilot has stocked up on space booze and won’t have to be sober for a while. It’s not that he was flying drunk, he’d also stocked up on space hash and …

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I had just crashed my 42nd flying saucer and knew I was out of a job. I really didn’t care all that much so I left the crash site and began walking south. After stumbling for a few hours I came across an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This oasis consisted of a small …

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i can’t leave my apartment, jesus fuck, I can’t leave this fucking place. Agoraphobia, sounds harmless enough but I assure you that it isn’t. It comes down to being so depressed that you can’t go out to pick up your anti-depressant medication. Anxiety so physical like a roller coaster ride without the fun. Sometimes you …

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This is a garbage can, this is where images come to die, a collection stolen, over used idea’s and inspirations. No blood has been spilled, no lust has been consummated, no dog’s have been hung, the children are happy and free of disease as they see something for the first time. No disruption’s, no breakfast, …

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I like to collect things real or imaginary. Opposites attract me, for every butterfly there’s a moth, for every skull there’s a flower, for every pipe there’s a……….well, more pipes I suppose. Space-ship’s, telephones, brass pipe’s connected to nothing, word’s, bat’s and of coarse skull’s all coming together on the same page. These mix-matched images …

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Reducing A Phone To It’s Atoms

I once had a cell phone, way back before they were an inevitability. I was in and area filled with hundreds of users and no one could get a signal, not so strange in it’s infancy but it pissed me off that this fucking vampire device had sucked enough blood from my wallet and it …

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I’ve been reading a lot about the Inquisition, Those fuckers could tear the hell out of people, minds and bodies. As a matter of fact the whole human race has been perfecting torture to a science ever since we could pick up a stick. Being nailed to a door doesn’t seem to bad in comparison, …

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Thanks Max 2

I love the works of Max Earnst, sometimes I do my version of some of his images. He’s very skilled and I’ve learned a lot especially from his magical compositions. Your eye’s just seem to roll around his pieces, he brings you in and opens up new worlds.