El Tule

El Tule is the largest tree in the world (in circumference) , they say you can camp out in it (not actually), but it’s big enough. Surrounding the tree is a knee high fence squaring off a small area, not that you can’t touch it, in fact you’re encouraged to pour water on it as it has been denied the volume it should have because of industry and mother nature. Outside the fence there is a courtyard for visitors to go round and view El Tule. This is enclosed by a short wall and a school from which small children would come out and direct the visitors around, with knowledge of the tree in many different languages. As I began to sit down and draw I became very aware of the children’s interest into what I was up to. After about 10 min I had about 7 kids sitting around me, grabbing pencils and paper, beginning they’re own studies. After a while I took a look behind us and saw a group of about 30 people watching the kids and I. They gave me there drawings and I still have them today.

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