El Tule

El Tule is the largest tree in the world (in circumference) , they say you can camp out in it (not actually), but it’s big enough. Surrounding the tree is a knee high fence squaring off a small area, not that you can’t touch it, in fact you’re encouraged to pour water on it as …

Bones and Blueberries (study)

A collection of beliefs, hatred, broken bat’s out of the corner of my eye, chocolate, depression, momentum, the pains in my back and of being blocked, sex is boring, life has taken up it’s route and is on it’s way to the end. $400

Mirrored Girl

The haunting eye’s of a woman staring into you, you’ve done something but you haven’t figured out what, doe’s she hold a spell over you ? Energy, synchronicity, passion, confusion in your muscles, drooling, fantasy cramps. What is true love ? I’ve been lucky to have felt it in my life, however it is very …

Environmental Project

Life finds it’s way through anything, concrete, bubblegum, carcasses, hate, wood, time and most giant rocks. We as parasites create a bizarre stench and discarded obstacle’s wasting away like dinosaur blood but this orb we’re on continues to create, even on bad day’s.

Outer Space

Bursting through space dust, troubled, precarious, pools of color, high masts filled with absence, death over the horizon, lit up, ST. Elmo’s fire guiding, splitting ions in the either. As it slows a strange empty sombre expression overcomes the navigator. They have reached the precipice, beyond, the Abyss.

Unbalanced and Dirty

Who in their right mind (as if anyone ever has been)would pick up a bloody machete from the killing floor ? How about more fruit in the diet along with booze of coarse, lots of booze. I wonder,is the moon getting closer ? They (who ever “They” are) say the moon is in a downward …

Phone Totems

Deciding on a consistent subject matter helps in building a body of work to where you get connections from piece to piece, while using different mediums, styles, and compositions while not having to be cursed with a cluster-fuck of different idea’s. I chose phones for a while (as well as monkey’s throwing feces at each …