Disheveled Receivers

Experimental disheveled receivers. I’ve always wanted to create “Abstract” paintings but my naturalistic tendencies always drag me back into personal debates with myself about the idea’s of perfection, perception, how much to explain or allude to. How much am I involved in the process, Is it better to take away or add. Fuck it, there’s …

Thanks Max 2

I love the works of Max Earnst, sometimes I do my version of some of his images. He’s very skilled and I’ve learned a lot especially from his magical compositions. Your eye’s just seem to roll around his pieces, he brings you in and opens up new worlds.

Skull Boom

What can I say ? I like skulls. First because they are what our physical selves are made of (along with other bones)and that they house or brains, which is the most complex and unfortunately occasionally simple organ we’ve got. Secondly because of their vast connotations and macabre distinctions, everyone has a certain feeling or …

Throw away Don’t Eat

All doors and doorways are different. Some you know that lead to sanctuary, some are to heavy and horrifying to open, some are more like holes or burrows, an age old crack splitting a giant gutted tree with centuries of foliage blanketed around the entrance. I’ve seen shadows crawl across the metal doors that led …

Tribute, the Gates of Hell

Rodin did a lot of beautiful work in his life, above all of it I’m most fond of the Gates of Hell, it’s unbelievable. The piece I did is more of a cartoon a decoration displayed at my admittance to a rubber room, an opening into a gruesome after-world. $150.00


Years ago I decided to apply for a 2 yr commercial animation coarse. In retrospect I really should have locked myself away somewhere, a place with doctors and pills and someone who could discern what the fuck was wrong with my fucking head.

Trees Collective

I spent a lot of time on the west coast and they’ve got a lot of trees, everywhere. This composition represents the collection of studies done with separate trees and landscapes mixed and matched to come up with the most pleasing composition.

A Door in the Cold

Johnny Cash was the inspiration for this piece or rather one of his songs. I can’t remember what song but most of his songs are great any way. Sorrow, death, guilt a bucket full of emotions. The humor in this is lost on the gracefully crude image. what is there and what isn’t binds the …