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Skull Boom

What can I say ? I like skulls. First because they are what our physical selves are made of (along with other bones)and that they house or brains, which is the most complex and unfortunately occasionally simple organ we’ve got. Secondly because of their vast connotations and macabre distinctions, everyone has a certain feeling or …

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A Door in the Cold

Johnny Cash was the inspiration for this piece or rather one of his songs. I can’t remember what song but most of his songs are great any way. Sorrow, death, guilt a bucket full of emotions. The humor in this is lost on the gracefully crude image. what is there and what isn’t binds the …

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El Tule

El Tule is the largest tree in the world (in circumference) , they say you can camp out in it (not actually), but it’s big enough. Surrounding the tree is a knee high fence squaring off a small area, not that you can’t touch it, in fact you’re encouraged to pour water on it as …

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Environmental Project

Life finds it’s way through anything, concrete, bubblegum, carcasses, hate, wood, time and most giant rocks. We as parasites create a bizarre stench and discarded obstacle’s wasting away like dinosaur blood but this orb we’re on continues to create, even on bad day’s.

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A Word with God

I rarely pray, mostly because I don’t believe in any deity or religion. However, I do find myself screaming into the blue at something ineffable, looking for answers, demanding this something to fuck off, to relent, to show it’s face, to stand in front of me so I can kick it in the balls several …

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Woman Praying

An iron cross branding for a so called sinner, oppression, torture, brainwashed and broken. A world of mans fears and perversions, fighting devils that don’t exist, appropriating the spoils of a genocide that never should have happened. $ 200.00


It Came From the Garbage

I didn’t really like this piece at first, so I threw it away after I’d completed it. Some friends of mine really liked the piece and they retrieved it from the garbage and hid it from me for a few years.And there it hangs in the hallway of my friend, I do have to say …


Inside Us In Blue

This is an experimental piece using water and oil based paints along with modeling paste. These circular images appear in allot of my work, I use them for subject mater when I don’t want to be worried about subject mater, I use them as molecules, atoms, planets and just plain circles. This piece sold a …