Environmental Project

Life finds it’s way through anything, concrete, bubblegum, carcasses, hate, wood, time and most giant rocks. We as parasites create a bizarre stench and discarded obstacle’s wasting away like dinosaur blood but this orb we’re on continues to create, even on bad day’s.

Woman Praying

An iron cross branding for a so called sinner, oppression, torture, brainwashed and broken. A world of mans fears and perversions, fighting devils that don’t exist, appropriating the spoils of a genocide that never should have happened. $ 200.00

Self Desruct

Communication is a necessity to existence, to our blood flow, fairy dust production, a joining of minds, touch, strikes, vertigo. We sicken without it, shrivel up, take up the fetal position with closed eye’s and melancholy demands. If the lines don’t reach out we’ve nothing to feed on, no nutrient’s, no sweet caress, only warm …

S.S.R.I. Factory

Thank fuck, the first time I started taking prozaic I was so fucking amazed and I felt great, it’s  just so different, like the rest of your brain shutting on, It doesn’t last, there’s always adjustments, you can’t even see it coming (gradual incline) , one day when it’s not noticed by you or others …

Phone Totems

Deciding on a consistent subject matter helps in building a body of work to where you get connections from piece to piece, while using different mediums, styles, and compositions while not having to be cursed with a cluster-fuck of different idea’s. I chose phones for a while (as well as monkey’s throwing feces at each …

He grabbed me around the neck

I did this piece when I was a “care giver” to my father before he died.I’m not going to get into the details of that particular relationship but I will say that choking shows up in my life, my past, my dreams, my art.

I need Help

This piece was done centuries ago.I wrapped a bandana around my head to hold a magnifying glass to my face so I could do the stipple, strictly pen and ink. Another way to fix the world directly around me. Price=$100, about 8x5inches.