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The Weak

Don’t underestimate the weak, they have a capacity to perform well when out of site, when they dance by the corner of your eye. The weak have been gathering in masses, ignored when they’re evolving because of there connection with the shadows, another subject in the matter of disguise and misplaced description. The weak are …

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Years ago I decided to apply for a 2 yr commercial animation coarse. In retrospect I really should have locked myself away somewhere, a place with doctors and pills and someone who could discern what the fuck was wrong with my fucking head.

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Trees Collective

I spent a lot of time on the west coast and they’ve got a lot of trees, everywhere. This composition represents the collection of studies done with separate trees and landscapes mixed and matched to come up with the most pleasing composition.

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Bones and Blueberries (study)

A collection of beliefs, hatred, broken bat’s out of the corner of my eye, chocolate, depression, momentum, the pains in my back and of being blocked, sex is boring, life has taken up it’s route and is on it’s way to the end. $400

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Mirrored Girl

The haunting eye’s of a woman staring into you, you’ve done something but you haven’t figured out what, doe’s she hold a spell over you ? Energy, synchronicity, passion, confusion in your muscles, drooling, fantasy cramps. What is true love ? I’ve been lucky to have felt it in my life, however it is very …

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Environmental Project

Life finds it’s way through anything, concrete, bubblegum, carcasses, hate, wood, time and most giant rocks. We as parasites create a bizarre stench and discarded obstacle’s wasting away like dinosaur blood but this orb we’re on continues to create, even on bad day’s.

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Woman Praying

An iron cross branding for a so called sinner, oppression, torture, brainwashed and broken. A world of mans fears and perversions, fighting devils that don’t exist, appropriating the spoils of a genocide that never should have happened. $ 200.00

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Self Desruct

Communication is a necessity to existence, to our blood flow, fairy dust production, a joining of minds, touch, strikes, vertigo. We sicken without it, shrivel up, take up the fetal position with closed eye’s and melancholy demands. If the lines don’t reach out we’ve nothing to feed on, no nutrient’s, no sweet caress, only warm …